Easily centralize data for better insights

Automatically and Continuously Integrate Data into  

Data when you want it:

CData Sync offers 250+ real-time, fully managed connectors that give you the flexibility to work with your live data in the applications and systems that matter to you.

Data where you want it:

Easily leverage cloud to cloud, on-premises to cloud, and cloud to on-premises integration solutions to access your data wherever it lives.

Data how you want it:

CData Sync supports ETL and ELT processes with SQL and dbt transformations to give you the flexibility you need to support your data initiatives.

From Fragmented Data Silos, to Centralized Intelligence

Easy-to-use ETL solutions allow you to integrate data from any source, cloud platform, application, or on-premises system to leverage by leading analytics, BI, marketing, and accounting solutions to support vital business initiatives.
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Data Science
Operational Analytics

Do You Want Reliable, Fast, Streamlined Data Integration? 
CData Sync is the Answer

Modern data users need reliable data to derive insights and execute decisions. CData Sync addresses the needs of today's data community.

Easily build and deploy ETL and ELT processes.

Leverage SQL, dbt Core, or dbt Cloud for flexible data transformation.

Securely replicate and move data across your ecosystem.

Eliminate maintenance headaches with fully-managed connectors.

Build simple, no-code, real-time data pipelines for the cloud and/or on-premises.

Enjoy predictable, affordable pricing that will fit with any budget.

What Makes CData Sync Different?

Securely connect to all the data that drives your business

Move data from 250+ supported sources to the destination of your choice. CData Sync supports relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.), cloud data warehouses (Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Salesforce, Big Query, etc.), and other Big Data systems (Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake, Kafka, etc.).

Create and maintain up-to-date BI & analytics reports

Lines of business require current and consistent data to deliver actionable reports to stakeholders across the organization. CData Sync provides incremental data integration to ensure your reporting is up-to-date, consistent, and reliable.

Focus on your business, not your ETL processes

Sync's simple, point-and-click configuration and fully-managed connectors simplify the data integration process, so you can focus on vital business operations instead. Easily schedule and monitor your data pipelines, and incorporate SQL and dbt transformations, functions, and filtering before data is moved to its destination.

Move to the cloud with ease

Support digital transformation initiatives with location-agnostic data pipelines. CData Sync offers a secure and easy way to build data pipelines from cloud to on-premises storage locations, on-premises to cloud, or any combination that meets your needs.

Keep your data fresh

CData Sync supports incremental loads with Change Data Capture to allow you to efficiently extract the data you need. Since you're no longer moving your data in large batches, CDC helps prevent system slowdowns, alleviate network traffic overload, enhance data workflows, and rely on the most up-to-date information across your organization.

"There are other tools out there that will do pieces of the job, but CData did everything I wanted to do and more. Fifteen minutes into the trial I had four different connections that were pulling data directly into SQL Server. Then I could see all the other available connections and I started running through more and more scenarios where I could expand on our reports."

Todd Noe, Monrovia Nursery Co.

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Begin your data transformation journey

CData Sync provides a simple, powerful, easy-to-use ETL tool that enable your company to transform any data to business-ready data and, ultimately, meaningful information for better data driven decisions.