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Differentiate with Data Connectivity

Today's customers expect that their favorite BI, analytics, warehousing, and reporting tools will connect with business data to help with decision making and analysis. At the same time, systems are becoming increasingly distributed and the number of data access APIs and databases continue to grow exponentially.

Through our simple standards-based Drivers your applications gain instant connectivity to live data from all of the on-premise and cloud-based data sources that your customers require. With CData, your applications can connect with data from more than 140+ data sources, without the time and financial investments required to build and maintain those custom integrations.

Businesses that are able to combine robust data connectivity with a solid solution have a tremendous advantage in a crowded industry.


Benefits of Embedding

Reduce Costs, Complexity, & Maintenance

The data landscape is exploding. It takes extreme focus to keep pace with the rapidly evolving landscape of application, database, and SaaS APIs. Our Drivers act like a data virtualization platform, insulating you and your customers from the challenges and complexities of integrating with individual vendors.

Build Better Software with CData:

  • Largest number of supported data sources (140+). We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of standards-based drivers and data access solutions for real-time integration with on-line or on-premise Applications, Databases, and Web APIs. No other vendor even comes close to offering the breadth of data coverage that we support.
  • Software, not Services. Unlike competing solutions, we don't host your data or require you to connect through a cloud platform or through intermediaries. Embedding our drivers enables your applications to read and write data directly, in real-time, offering the ultimate in security and control over your data. No metering, No network outages, No network delays.
  • Future-proof your technology investments. Our goal is to offer easy integration with every data source that matters by simplifying the way you connect to data, applications, and services. We are completely focused on this mission: constantly enhancing, extending, and expanding the drivers we offer. Our team is also continuously testing our drivers against any changes made to the APIs and protocols used to connect, preventing any down time in your application or service.
  • Complete IP stack ownership. We own 100% of our IP stack, which means that you don't need to worry about your data running through 3rd party or open source code. Our code has been developed in-house for more than 20 years and is precisely aligned with all modern specifications and protocols.
  • Flexible options (White-labeling, Embedding, etc.) We support a variety of distribution options, giving you the ability to white-label or embed our drivers into your applications. Because our drivers and standards-based, you and your development team can seamlessly include data using tools and techniques that are both familiar and industry-proven.


Featured OEM Partners

Tableau (NYSE: DATA) helps people see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. Through OEM Partnership with CData, Tableau has expanded their data connectivity capabilities with real-time access to new SaaS applications.

The Cisco Information Server is the core of the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform providing development, runtime and management services. Through engagement with CData Software, Cisco Information Server (CIS) will offer out-of-the-box connectivity with live data from a broad spectrum of data sources.

Datawatch Corporation is a leading provider of self-service data preparation solutions. By eliminating error-prone processes of manual data prep, Datawatch streamlines business analytics and operational reporting. Datawatch licenses CData drivers to provide data connectivity for their flagship data preparation solutions.

CA Technologies leverages CData driver technologies to extend their CA Live API Creator with advanced data connectivity. CA Live API Creator enables you to easily develop and deploy APIs and application back-ends for internal applications, mobile development projects, data-as-a-service exposure, Internet of Things (IoT) enablement and integration with partner applications.

TIBCO Software is a leading provider of infrastructure software creating event-enabled enterprises to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments. Their industry-leading Analytics and Data Virtualization products leverage CData Drivers to enhance their SaaS & NoSQL Connectivity.

Workday (NYSE: WDAY) is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Founded in 2005, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for the world's largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Infoteria Corporation (, Tokyo Stock Exchange: 3853) is the leading data integration software company in Japan. The flagship product, ASTERIA enables to integrate various types of data, files, applications and cloud services based on non-coding concept. ASTERIA has the largest share of the Data Integration software market (EAI, ESB and ETL) in Japan. [learn more]

Decisyon, Inc. provides enterprises, manufacturers and global brands the only unified platform for rapidly building intelligent end-to-end solutions for the Internet-of-Everything. Decisyon licenses the CData Software drivers to provide data connectivity for their flagship Decisyon 360 product.

Adeptia Connect is a powerful cloud-based application focused on business users, allowing them to self-manage connections from multiple sources (ERP, CRM, social media, etc.) without relying on IT personnel to create them. Through OEM licensing of CData Driver technologies, Adeptia Connect boasts 40+ pre-built Adapters for connecting to popular applications and WebAPIs, including Salesforce, NetSuite, MS Dynamics CRM, QuickBooks, SharePoint, Google Apps, etc.

Logi Analytics is the leader in self-service analytics, delivering tools designed to meet the needs of users, IT and product managers. From interactive dashboards to ad hoc queries and visual analysis, Logi enables users to explore and discover insights, and make data-driven decisions.

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Sesame Software offers the easiest and most scalable integration products for SaaS and on-premise applications. All Sesame Software products are supported by a team of application and data integration experts, allowing organizations to leverage in-house developer skill sets for rapid solution implementation and reliable data management.

Sisense is committed to removing the IT burden from business analytics, enabling all business users to harness the power of BI. Sisense simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing and visualizing big or disparate datasets.

DataScience's mission is to help companies spend less time analyzing and more time implementing. DataScience combines human intellect with machine-powered analysis to extract information from data that drives real business results.

Matillion is a leading provider of cloud-based data integration technologies. Matillion ETL for Redshift, the company's enterprise-ready data integration platform, is a disruptive, fast growing ETL/ELT tool, delivering structured and semi-structured data integration in the Cloud.

querona is a self service logical Data Warehouse that allows users to leverage the best Big Data platforms on the market through a consistent interface. querona has enhanced their platform data connectivity with popular on-premise applications, databases, and SaaS services through OEM Partnership with CData.

Partnership with CData enables WingArc to enhance their product portfolio with comprehensive data connectivity. These new features extend WingArc's integration capabilities and enable their solutions to simplify enterprise data integration, enhance the utilization of information assets, and ultimately reduce customer costs.

Smartinsight provides enterprise software that integrates, analyzes, and visualize the corporate data set. By leveraging the CData JDBC Drivers SmartInsight has been able to enhance the data integration capabilities of their software with access to more than 80+ on-premise and cloud data sources.

Sojitz is System Integrator that combines system integration and network solution technologies. Sojitz has partnered with CData to extend their PolarisGate Cloud ETL solution with enhanced cloud and on-premise data connectivity.

ZAP Technologies delivers world-class data management and analytics solutions that support governed and trusted data outputs from a central point. ZAP partners with CData to offer customers straightforward connectivity between ZAP and an extensive collection of Big Data, NoSQL, and SaaS data sources.

All business professionals, regardless of technical ability, should be able to access and manipulate their data. Exago BI integrates seamlessly with web-based SaaS applications to bring ad hoc reporting and analytics to any multi-tenant environment. Our dedication to configurable design allows us to prioritize usability without compromising on power.

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