Logi Analytics Brings Real-Time Data to Analytics Dashboards for SaaS Applications

CData expands the popular analytics platform offering with seamless data connectivity to SaaS data sources.

Logi Analytics

Supporting Rapid Business Growth
CData helped rapidly deliver comprehensive support to SaaS data sources for a rapidly growing customer base.
Data Connectivity Expertise
CData provides comprehensive connectivity solutions, allowing Logi Analytics to keep their focus on analytics.
Time & Resource Savings
Logi Analytics saved months of development time by choosing to partner with CData rather than creating custom connectors.

Izenda, now part of Logi Analytics, is a fast, lightweight analytics dashboarding platform that enables SaaS providers to embed, scale, and monetize self-service reporting inside their SaaS solutions.

A leader in the embedded dashboarding and analytics space, Logi Analytics adds value by bringing advanced and highly customizable reporting capabilities to popular applications. Within embedded Logi Analytics dashboards, SaaS clients can display beautiful reports inside their applications and provide end users with on-demand analytics.

Through their open front-end, Logi Analytics empowers application developers and citizen end-users alike with powerful customization options, allowing for easy creation of real-time reports and dashboards that look native within their application.

Like many embedded solutions, Logi Analytics runs on data connectivity. The more types of data they can surface inside their dashboards, the more data reporting scenarios they can support - and the more SaaS clients they can serve.

As they evolved and sought to serve more and more SaaS companies, Logi Analytics wanted a partner who could facilitate seamless data connectivity to all the data sources they needed to support.

The Challenge: Logi Analytics Needed to Develop Data Connectivity, But Their Business is Analytics

When Logi Analytics started offering analytics dashboards, they originally supported a handful of popular reporting data sources. But as new data reporting sources and services continually pop up and gain popularity, Logi Analytics needed broader support for more data sources to keep pace with demand from SaaS clients and their customers.

"As we expand into and serve new industries and markets, having broad-spectrum data connectivity within our products will improve our ability to support additional customers and data reporting scenarios," said Jaimi Panini, VP of Product & Development for Logi Analytics.

The problem? Data connectivity is not Logi Analytics's core business, and building connectivity in-house would take resources away from projects that better align with their focus.

"Just like analytics is not the core competence of our customers, building adapters, although we can do it, is not our core focus," said Jaimi Panini, VP of Product & Development for Logi Analytics. “We have other areas of our products, where we need to focus our development team.“

Logi Analytics needed a partner focused purely on data connectivity who could connect their solutions to the broader ecosystem of database, data warehousing, BI, analytics and Big Data platforms.

The Solution: Embedded Connectivity

With a total focus on data access, CData has developed a smooth, tested & validated process for bringing comprehensive data connectivity to solutions like Logi Analytics's dashboards.

Through an OEM partnership, Logi Analytics embedded our full suite of drivers for 250+ data sources directly into their dashboarding solutions.

The CData Drivers offer several key technical advantages for data connectivity:

  • ADO.NET: Fully-managed ADO.NET libraries with support for Entity Framework (EF 5 & 6), ADO.NET 2.0, LINQ to Datasets - perfectly aligning with Izend
  • ANSI-92 SQL Support:CData Drivers support a rich ANSI-92 SQL syntax across all drivers, deeply nested queries, and an extensive set of SQL filters and formulas
  • Full CRUD SQL-92 Support: Rich ANSI-92 SQL syntax supporting deeply nested queries and an extensive set of SQL filters and formulas.

Now, Logi Analytics has the broadest data connectivity available in the market and is steadily making more data sources available to their SaaS clients.

Results: Expanded Data Connectivity to Support Popular Reporting Scenarios

Beginning with a rollout of the CData ElasticSearch Driver and continuing with the MongoDB provider, Logi Analytics is steadily adding support for all reporting sources their SaaS customers require.

"We have successfully added integrations to the data sources SaaS solutions providers need. By saving months of development time, we can continue to focus our development resources on growing the advanced reporting and dashboarding capabilities our customers require," Panini said.

"Through our partnership with CData, we'll be able to present all the data our customers would want to report on in their applications and solutions."

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