Integrated, Data-Driven Sales Processes

Enable your Sales Operations team to create a seamless buying experience for your customers by connecting data across your organization.

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Actionable Customer Data

Arm your salespeople with the right information at the right time to personalize the customer journey.

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Accurate Sales Forecasting

Easily create and maintain accurate sales forecasting reports using real-time, consolidated data.

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Efficient Sales Pipeline

Maintain transparency across departments to streamline and refine the sales process.

Stop Chasing Leads, Start Hitting Numbers

Gain a 360° View of Your Customers

Customers today expect a lot from the buying process. If your Sales team is not equipped to understand where customers are in their buying journey and provide them with the right resources at the right time, you're losing out on sales.

Real-time connectivity solutions make data accessible across the organization — from your CRM and ERP to your marketing and accounting tools, and more. Creating a consolidated Customer 360 view allows you to see where and when customers are interacting with your company, and use that information to personalize the buying experience.

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Optimize Sales Processes with Interdepartmental Data

It takes a village to make a sale. To effectively close deals, you must leverage interdepartmental data to gather and nurture qualified leads.

In today's data-driven world, it can feel impossible to derive value from mass amounts of customer data siloed across different departments. That's why we offer connectivity solutions that help your Sales Ops team break through the maze of information and create a centralized source of truth. Gather insights on the warmest leads, see when your accounts are up for renewal, and create an optimized sales pipeline based on complete, accurate data.

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Generate an Accurate Sales Forecast (For Once)

Sales forecasting is a broken process. Sales Ops teams spend about 5% of their time forecasting, but the reports are accurate just 75% of the time.

Sales forecasts are too important to get wrong, so it's crucial to integrate your systems and free up access to accurate, holistic data when you need it. With CData connectivity solutions, you can feed real-time sales and financial data from across the organization into the BI and reporting tools you already use, allowing your Sales Ops team to finally generate reliable sales forecast reports in less time.

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Master Your Sales Operations Data

Chances are, your sales team isn't meeting its potential, and it's because their data isn't serving them. Join our webinar to learn how Sales Ops can leverage data connectivity solutions to improve sales processes.

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Access and Analyze Sales Data Anywhere

CData Drivers offer real-time connections to 250+ data sources using a standards-based SQL interface, allowing your Sales and Sales Ops team to easily capture, analyze, and work with data across your CRM, MarTech stack, and ERP systems.

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Modernize Your Sales Ops Data Strategy

The only way to truly understand the customer journey and effectively close deals is to bridge the information islands standing in your way. Download our eBook to get an idea of how data integration can help optimize the sales process.

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