by Eric Madariaga | June 01, 2017

When Performance Matters, There Is Simply No Substitute

When you read that a company like CData offers drivers for close to one hundred different data sources, it is easy to think that our connectors provide limited capabilities or superficial functionality. With access to so many different applications, file formats, SaaS services and data platforms, how is it possible to build and maintain rich connectivity with each?

Well, we do exactly that. Our product teams are laser-focused on one goal: to simplify the way you connect to data. To do this, not only do we support an unparalleled range of enterprise-class data sources, but our drivers also include tremendous depth - offering high performance capabilities are unmatched in the marketplace.

Just take a look at the performance comparison between the CData Drivers for BigQuery and the Google-supported Drivers for Google BigQuery. The performance wasn't even close. In all of our benchmarks our drivers were between two and three times faster for identical queries, with our drivers being the hands down leader in speed and performance:

As Big Data continues to usher in a new era of analytics and cognitive computing, users are tasked with processing ever larger datasets. Don't let 'plumbing' become a bottleneck that limits your ability to succeed.

Speed is only one measurement, however our performance speaks volumes about the depth and technical prowess embedded in all of our drivers and data access technologies. We have published a Knowledge Base articles with the results of our testing, which can be found below:

I encourage you to download a free 30-day trial of any of our Drivers, and see for yourself why top vendors choose CData to power their data connectivity.

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