by CData Software | January 19, 2023

Enable Data-Driven Value with Real-Time Data Management

Are data silos and explosive data volumes slowing your ability to keep decisions relevant to rapid industry changes? 451 Research reports that the majority of global organizations aim to provide their teams with fresh data to drive better business results, but are held back by:

  • Skills shortages (48%)
  • Data security requirements (39%)
  • Lack of budget and/or IT resources (36%)
  • An ever-growing roster of data sources (35%)
  • Volume of data (28%)

We all know by now that data management – the process of ingesting, storing, organizing and maintaining business data – can help organizations make better decisions and improve operations using data. Taking it a step further, we’re exploring how real-time data management – the process of connecting, accessing, maintaining, and disseminating live data across a business – helps organizations to leverage up-to-date information to further improve data-driven processes.

Real-Time Data is Essential to Relieve Key Data Management Bottlenecks

Time is critical to your business. Falling behind in today’s fast-paced market can lead to lost opportunities, affect customer sentiment, and ultimately cause your organization to lose opportunities to your competitors.

Much of today’s data ages as it passes through multiple touchpoints and gets “trapped” in a data warehouse, making it difficult for LOB teams to get to the relevant data they need to make decisions quickly. Access to live data, on the other hand, can allow everyone across your team to work efficiently with up-to-date information – driving your business forward in real-time.

Rather than wait days for stale data from traditional data management approaches such as batch data processing, real-time data management executes data processing in-flight as data is inputted into your systems. This gives your teams access to fully formatted, compliant data as it comes in – no delays, stale information, or IT bottlenecks.

From marketing to sales and supply chain management, real-time data management enables LOB operations teams to fuel today’s fastest business processes with vetted, customized data sets.

Enabling Real-Time Data for Processing and Beyond

Beyond real-time access to data for analytics and business intelligence, you need the right data delivered in ways that enable your organization to scale and sustain data-driven success. Real-time data management allows for faster ways to:

  • Optimize data storage volumes by replicating data only as needed.
  • Simplify data democratization across different teams to give all employees the ability to leverage their data.
  • Vet data quality tools to ensure reliable, authoritative data is used.
  • Fuel data governance efforts by applying rules and definitions that guide the use of high-quality data. and more.

For instance, Sales Ops teams may need to browse multiple non-database sources to help sales reps identify new leads or new upsell opportunities. Using a real-time data connectivity platform, Sales Ops can browse aggregated data without encountering added complexities, IT bottlenecks, or costs involved with data pipelines and warehousing.

Real-time data solutions can also augment existing data management solutions. Consider how a real-time data connectivity platform can enable an automated data governance tool to filter sensitive customer details on data intake — before it enters the data pipeline for integrated use from a data lake. As a result, real-time data governance can clean fresh data for predictive analytics in highly-regulated industries like financial services and healthcare.

Start Leveraging Real-Time Data Fast by Reducing Technical Barriers

LOB operations teams are using real-time data connectivity solutions to handle more of their data management initiatives themselves. Modernized data connectivity tools like CData Connect Cloud provide intuitive, no-code interfaces that allow them to skip IT involvement and easily extract value from their data sources. Without the need for IT involvement in connecting data sources, LOB employees can quickly integrate data to the reporting and BI tools they use every day. Self-service real-time connectivity solutions empower agile reporting, streamlined operations, and give your organization a competitive advantage.

CData and 451 Research recently sat down to discuss how organizations can overcome today’s cloud data management challenges. Watch the webinar on-demand!

Better Business Insights Begin with Real-Time Data Management

A successful data management strategy is built atop many disciplines — from data governance and data enablement, to data security and more.

In the age of explosive data growth and demand, real-time data management enables you to stay ahead with unprecedented competitive edge and productivity. CData enables organizations like yours to connect your data ecosystem and bring fresh insights faster than ever.

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