by CData Software | April 03, 2023

SingleStore and CData are Helping Clients Find New Insights into Company Data

Traditional data requirements for most organizations have long been centered around familiar and routine transactional tasks such as the ability to quickly call up records, retrieve and track orders, manage sales transactions, departmental audits, billing processes and so forth. So long as speed and high availability made these straightforward transactional tasks possible, many organizations felt that their data access needs were generally met. After all, such tasks were not particularly processing intensive or complex by today’s standards.

Today, however, the number of data sources and applications have expanded exponentially. In fact, most large enterprises will employ software or services just to monitor and maintain service contracts and renewals for the alphabet soup of applications they use every day – they need software to track all their software.

Most importantly, the use of data has moved rapidly from transactional tasks to far more complex analytical processes. As a result, new challenges and opportunities have emerged. Business-critical data is far more dispersed and segregated across complex cloud and hybrid network environments than ever before. Where access to vital data was once available only to a limited number of individuals, today the expanded use of line-of-business applications exponentially increases the number of stakeholders who need access to data.

A study by Grandview Research indicates that market trends point to dramatic increases in the use of data and the software required to manage data in the years ahead. “The global business software and services market size… is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.9% from 2023 to 2030,” the report stated. “The demand for business software and services is expected to be driven by the rapid increase in the volume of enterprise data and the increased automation of business processes across end-use industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. The increased deployment of enterprise software and services across IT infrastructure, to facilitate better decision-making, inventory cost reduction, improved profitability, and improved market position for businesses, is also expected to benefit the market.”

The opportunity: Better business insights

As new applications and data sources become more interconnected, businesses are continually finding new opportunities to perform far more complex analytical tasks as well. New methods of aggregating and viewing data from once siloed and disparate sources can provide organizations with valuable insights to improve everything from budgeting and forecasting to marketing and planning.

Insights into customer preferences, buying patterns, market trends, cost analysis, demand for products or services, customer retention, regional buying patterns, the impact of marketing campaigns, industry-related trends and so much more can now be analyzed alongside internal company data.

The level of insight made possible by collected data today would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

The challenge: Complex data management

To best leverage the insights gained by the convergence of transactional and analytical data worlds, businesses require speed and real time access. Data bottlenecks, reduced speed and agility and increasing costs are all challenges that must be overcome to make business-critical data as valuable as possible.

When a company sets out to make data-based decisions to transform inventory systems, focus new marketing campaigns, and support a growing ecosystem of users, stale data and slow processes will not suffice. These organizations also cannot afford to have queries that time-out, nor can they wait while structured, semi-structured or unstructured data is merged from multiple data islands and silos.

The solution: Real-time data storage and access

SingleStore, a CData technology partner, provides customers with the real-time distributed SQL database that makes data far more manageable and valuable. Their unified and centralized architecture delivers real- time data at scale and speed. With unlimited storage using distributed SQL, SingleStore also brings dev tools and workspaces needed to put data from multiple sources to work in even the most complex cloud-to-cloud environments.

At CData, we help leading edge technology providers like SingleStore to assemble and maintain a modern hybrid storage system for their customers. CData brings a library of data connectors (ODBC and JDBC) to provide the real-time native connectivity to virtually any tool or database. CData Sync can replicate data from hundreds of sources into SingleStore to build comprehensive views into data and accelerate modernization. CData supports and enables ETL and ELT processes across all major cloud platforms. And in hybrid on-prem database-to-cloud scenarios, CData Sync and SingleStore can eliminate the need to rely upon costly and time-consuming IT resources and staff.

Many data-driven organizations feel the need to resort to engineering their own data connectors and drivers to facilitate better connectivity from disparate databases and applications. Not only is this time consuming and costly, but these ad hoc, in-house connectors are vulnerable to software updates and versioning changes in the key systems they connect. CData maintains and supports the latest updates along with technical support. This frees up IT staff to focus on projects within their areas of business expertise.

Technology partnerships like SingleStore and CData allow our shared customers to get the most out of their data and to concentrate on how to best apply new insights and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving business landscape.

The CData difference

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