by Danielle Bingham | October 23, 2023

Free On-Demand Webinar: Access Data Everywhere in Real-Time with Data Virtualization

Analyzing data is critical to how modern organizations discover new insights and develop strategies to stay competitive. However, there are hurdles to fully using data to achieve actionable insights. Data is distributed among multiple cloud providers, on-premises infrastructures, and other sources, which create siloes. Users are hindered in accessing the data they need when they need it, throwing up barriers to producing data-informed actions.

Today, innovations in data access have enabled a new governed cloud approach to self-service data connectivity for the enterprise.

Remove barriers to data-driven insights

Carl Lehmann, 451 Research Senior Analyst, joins Vincent Lam, CData VP Marketing & Strategy, to highlight best practices and technologies that make the most of data virtualization for the cloud.

Watch this free informative on-demand webinar to discover how data virtualization for the cloud helps remove the barriers to accessing live data for prompt analysis and insights.

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