by Jerod Johnson | July 21, 2021

Free Webinar: Cloud-to-Cloud Integration – Making the Most of Cloud Data Tools

For many years, businesses have relied on on-premises solutions, tools, and applications for business intelligence, reporting, and analytics. But according to a 2020 study by IDG, 69% of businesses have shifted their business data to the cloud, with another 18% planning to implement cloud-computing solutions in the near future. It should come as no surprise, then, that as more and more businesses move to cloud-based models, they are increasingly migrating their analytics and reporting tools to the cloud.

Data-driven organizations choose cloud-based BI and analytics platforms for several reasons:

  • Reduced implementation time – With cloud services, the applications come pre-configured; there are no machines or other resources to provision.
  • Higher adoption – SaaS tools tend to be easier to use for every stakeholder in a business, from developers and data administrators to citizen analysts.
  • Advanced mobility – By using tools and applications in the cloud, employees can access their analytics, reports and dashboards from any web browser and even mobile devices.
  • Scalability & reliability – SaaS vendors manage all of the infrastructure, redundancy, scalability & distribution of the application, freeing up business resources to find value from data
  • Data security – SaaS applications apply encryption at every level of data transmission: in flight, at rest, and in use.

Storing massive amounts of data in the cloud allows businesses to support data growth, increase governability, and create a unified approach to data. Likewise, moving your BI and analytics tools to the cloud is similarly beneficial. Data stored and analyzed in the cloud allows stakeholders across an organization to easily access data from wherever they are working, communicate efficiently, and gain valuable insights that make the difference in a competitive business landscape.

However, accessing organizational data in the cloud might prove to be a challenge without the right integration tools in place. With the expansion of cloud applications for every aspect of business – from CRM, accounting, logistics to data storage and more – it's a large undertaking to connect to all of your enterprise data from your preferred cloud BI and analytics platforms.

CData Connect is a cloud-based, integration platform-as-a-service that enables you to connect to hundreds of SaaS applications. By pairing your cloud data tooling with CData Connect, you get pure cloud-to-cloud integration, gaining all the benefits you expect from your cloud platforms in your data integration.

Join our upcoming webinar on August 5, 2021 to hear from CData experts on how to make your cloud analytics tools work seamlessly with your cloud data.

In this free webinar, we'll walk you through examples of how a variety of enterprises are leveraging CData Connect and cloud data tools to enable better reporting and insights on enterprise data. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, August 5 at 2pm (EST)!

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