by Jerod Johnson | May 27, 2021

Free Webinar: Practical Snowflake Integration - Get the Most Out of Your Data Warehouse

Snowflake is a single integrated system with fully independent scaling for computing, storage, and services. Customers choose Snowflake for its fast query access, dynamic auto-scaling, cloud-first architecture, and fully managed SaaS delivery model.

As with any data warehouse, ingestion and data connectivity are essential components to maximizing your return on investment in Snowflake. As a Snowflake customer, you need the ability to easily integrate your data from the diverse applications, sources, and services you use across your business. Similarly, it's important that all your BI and analytics tools connect to your data warehouse to deliver actionable insights and aid decision-making processes.

Join our upcoming webinar on June 11 to hear from CData experts on how to make your data and your analytics processes work seamlessly with Snowflake.

In this free webinar, we'll bring you through examples of how analytics firms can pull critical data into Snowflake to enable better reporting and insights for their clients. We'll explain how major global retailers can connect dozens of SaaS and on-premises applications to Snowflake and report on consolidated data in their preferred analytics solution. Finally, we'll give you practical tips and tricks for bridging the gaps between customer data, enterprise tools, and Snowflake data warehouses.

To learn more about how customers are using CData to get the most out of Snowflake, join us for our free webinar on Friday, June 11th, at 2pm (EST).

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