by CData Software | September 25, 2020

New CData Tableau Connectors

A popular data analytics and visualization platform, Tableau is a key tool for business intelligence, analytics and reporting among many data scientists and citizen analysts alike.

For many, the greatest obstacle to using Tableau is simply gaining access to the data they need within Tableau. While Tableau comes with native support for connectivity to many sources, there is a vast ocean of applications and databases that are not easily accessible out of the box.

With the new CData Connectors for Tableau, analysts and teams can easily bring their data right into Tableau, in real-time, and uncover the key insights hidden in their fragmented applications ecosystem.

The Data Fragmentation Challenge for BI & Analytics

The typical enterprise organization uses hundreds of applications across SaaS, cloud, database, ERP, CRM, accounting, marketing, sales, and IT systems. Each year, teams adopt more and more applications, scattering data ever further and fragmenting insights across data endpoints. Many analysts are handcuffed by the need for custom-coding, development and ongoing support of their own proprietary connectors. IT resources are often asked to deliver ad hoc connectivity projects, or worse, a lack of connectivity expertise saddles analysts themselves with developing this connectivity.

The CData Tableau Connectors solve this problem, providing fully integrated data access from Tableau to hundreds of enterprise data sources.

3 Simple Steps to Live Data Access in Tableau

The CData Connectors provide a simple, easy way to instantly bring data into Tableau following three simple steps.

  1. Install the CData Tableau Connector for your data source of choice
  2. Authenticate your access to that data source (e.g. enter username and password)
  3. Start working with data right in Tableau

High-Performance Connectivity, Rich Data Experience

The CData Connectors provide the highest level of performance and speed in the market, with rich connectivity and specifically dedicated support. From an engineering perspective, they leverage the same reliable, battle-tested technology used in the CData JDBC Drivers, encasing the various APIs provided by each given data source inside a standardized SQL wrapper. This SQL abstraction translates the point-and-click actions you take in Tableau to get data from Tables into standard SQL queries, then translates those queries into API calls the underlying data sources process.

In real-time, all you need to do is simply work with Tableau, letting the CData Connectors silently pull data into Tableau in the background.

All CData Connectors and Drivers, including the Tableau Connectors, provide several key engineering advantages over other data connectivity options like data replication into Tableau:

  • Full Metadata Discovery - Intelligent rowscan, type detection, relationship exploration, and support for unstructured NoSQL data
  • Robust SQL-92 Engine - Rich SQL-92 engine with support for bulk operations, push-down, client functions, and aggregation
  • Unmatched Performance - Optimized performance down to the socket level, our drivers offer unmatched performance
  • Enterprise-Class Security - Advanced Security and Authentication. Secure TLS / SSL data encryption

The new CData Connectors for Tableau support the latest version of Tableau (v 2020.3+); if you use a previous version of Tableau, we support connectivity directly through our JDBC Drivers.
If your organization has shifted to Tableau Online, you can leverage the same powerful data connectivity via our CData Cloud Hub service.

Perhaps most importantly, the CData Connectors for Tableau are fully supported by the world-class CData Support Team.

Download a 30-Day Free Trial

Download a 30-day free trial of the CData Tableau Connectors, and if you have any questions regarding the Tableau Connectors, please don't hesitate to reach out to the CData Support Team.