On-Demand Webinar

CData Connect for Cloud Analytics Integration

CData Connect for Cloud Analytics Integration


CData Connect offers live connectivity to any SaaS application, cloud database or warehouse from cloud apps like Google Data Studio, SAP Analytics Cloud, Power BI, Tableau Online, and more. In this webinar, we cover the types of cloud-to-cloud integrations where you would use CData Connect and showcase CData Connect in a live demo.

Cloud-to-Cloud Integrations

As more applications and tools move to the cloud, your cloud data needs to continue to be easily accessible to your data and business experts. As an integration platform-as-a-service (IPaaS), CData Connect bridges the gap between cloud analytics and cloud data like nothing else. In this webinar, you'll learn how you can access your cloud data from virtually any cloud tool.

Join us for a session exploring CData Connect customer stories followed by a live demo and an open Q&A session.