by Danielle Bingham | February 28, 2024

Data Virtualization, Reimagined: Scorpion Streamlines Financial Reporting with Virtualized Data

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Accessible, sharable data is the key to driving and supporting growth for modern businesses. When data is accessible across the organization, teams can make timely, informed decisions that benefit the business. Modern data virtualization solutions are built to provide flexible and secure data access so that, even as your business grows and your tech stack evolves, your business leaders are equipped with timely, accurate reports that help them shape the future of the business.

Data virtualization for the cloud gives data teams the power to respond to evolving business needs by providing live access to any data source—no matter where it’s located—from within a centralized cloud interface. Live data can be accessed, integrated, transformed, and analyzed within minutes, enabling decision-makers to act on critical insights with agility and precision. It grows and scales with data needs, so processes don’t get bogged down by limitations of where the data is, its format, or the number of sources in which the data resides.

Digital marketing agency Scorpion experienced growing pains when their tech stack couldn’t keep up with their expanding operations. After upgrading their reporting and finance tooling, Scorpion struggled to integrate the new systems, leading to hours of manual work just to compile regular general ledger reports.

They leveraged CData Connect Cloud to build a live connection between Sage Intacct and Power BI in just minutes. This allowed the finance team, led by Nathan Thompson, to pull live Sage data into Power BI dashboards, combine and slice it into consumable reports, and share relevant financial information with the wider organization. Connect Cloud saved Thompson hours of manual integration work every week, made data refreshes hands-off and worry-free, and provided leadership with secure access to live financial data. Scorpion had a robust, scalable cloud solution that could keep pace with their growth

From growing pains to accelerated progress

Join us on March 14, 2024, at 11am ET for a can’t miss virtual event, Data Virtualization, Reimagined, where data experts discuss the role of modern data virtualization in the data-driven business, and how organizations like Scorpion have leveraged the technology to improve reporting and scale operations.

Thompson will join us for a session highlighting his success with Connect Cloud, walking us through how he embraced data virtualization for the cloud to uplevel his company’s financial data management processes from simple spreadsheets and manual data manipulation to automated, flexible data access in the cloud.

The story doesn’t end there. In this free virtual event, you’ll also hear from CData, Forrester, and Google Cloud to discover how a governed, flexible approach to data virtualization can expedite self-service data initiatives, foster collaboration across teams, and support organizational growth.

Join us for informative sessions with data experts

Here's a quick look at what to expect from data experts and industry leaders at Data Virtualization, Reimagined:

Data Virtualization - A Look Back and Look Ahead

Amit Sharma, CData co-founder & CEO, discusses CData’s rich history as a data connectivity provider, and how we’re continuing to innovate with a new approach to data virtualization in the cloud.

Live Data Access Within Financial Planning and Analysis at Scorpion

Longtime CData user Nathan Thompson, Scorpion VP of Finance, highlights his use case leveraging CData Connect Cloud to access live Sage Intacct data in Power BI, improving organization-wide access to real-time financial reports for improved decision-making.

Transforming the Strategic Value of Business Intelligence with Live Data

Google Cloud’s Bruce Sandell describes the benefits of embedding CData connectivity technologies within their analytics platform, Looker, and provides a short demo of how Looker users benefit from instant, out-of-the-box access to data from any of their applications within Looker.

A Sneak Peek at What's New for CData in the Cloud

Mike Albritton, CData SVP of Cloud, gives an in-depth demo of the latest features that make CData the premier provider of data virtualization in the cloud. Get the low-down on what you can expect from CData Connect Cloud and get a peek into CData’s product roadmap in 2024 and beyond.

The Role of Data Virtualization and Replication Within the Enterprise

Curious about when to leverage data virtualization versus data replication via ETL/ELT? Forrester Research VP & Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna shares the firm’s latest research on modern data management strategies and which connectivity method is best for your specific data needs.

Join us to learn how CData is molding the future of data virtualization and how your organization can benefit from a flexible, secure, and governable approach to data connectivity.

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