JOIN Podcast: A Conversation with APOS System's Allan Pym

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On JOIN, we explore innovations, trends and real-life case studies with leaders and disruptors throughout the world of data — from data integration, architecture, and management to BI & analytics, AI, and more.

Best-of-Breed Analytics with APOS and SAP Analytics Cloud

In this episode, we speak with Allan Pym, Chief Operating Officer at APOS Systems, one of the leading providers of SAP integration solutions and a CData OEM partner with hundreds of embedded CData Connectors.

APOS is the world’s only current provider of end-to-end data connectivity, data preparation, and SAP-specific data modeling to help enterprises connect hundreds of data sources to SAP Analytics Cloud. They also provide a host of other SAP-specific solutions.

Allan is an entrepreneur and a seasoned vet with deep expertise in the SAP and broader analytics space.

Allan gives us insight on:

  • Best-of-breed analytics
  • The challenges of hooking up non-traditional data to SAP systems
  • Adapting to cloud and self-service analytics
  • And the story of building a specialized consultancy into a growing software/SaaS business