Introducing Clustering for CData Sync


CData Sync is a lightweight application built to support data warehousing. With support for more than 250 SaaS applications, CData Sync provides a point-and-click interface for replicating enterprise data to any database, data warehouse, or data lake. The newly available clustering feature in CData Sync offers rapid, reliable, and scalable data replication.

New Clustering and High Availability

Data is everywhere, and more of it is hosted in the cloud, locked behind APIs than ever before. Many companies turn to data warehousing to solve their data explosion challenges. But getting data to the cloud is easier said than done. CData Sync provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution to quickly replicate data to the cloud. With the all--new CData Sync Clustering feature, teams can build dynamic dashboards on top of near real-time data, replicate data from dozens of data sources at once, easily scale replication processes as the business grows, and more – all to unlock more value from enterprise data and fuel data-driven decisions.

Join us for a session to explore CData Sync customer stories and introduce the CData Sync Clustering feature, followed by a live demo and an open Q&A session.

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