Building The Connected Enterprise for Modern Sales


Mike Smith, Sr. Director of Enterprise Sales at CData, was featured on The SalesStar Podcast, where he broke down today’s trends in sales and how your sales team can leverage the data already being generated across your organization to good use to close deals more efficiently.

Form a True Customer 360 View

Listen in as Mike explains how pulling data together from your CRM, marketing automation platform, accounting system, analytics tools, and more can form a true Customer 360 view and propel your business forward. Topics include: 

  • The role of Sales Ops in building a modern sales organization.
  • How the customer purchasing process has changed.
  • The need for salespeople to have better customer 360 views/insights (along with best practices/tips).
  • How CData's suite of data connectivity solutions can enable better sales forecasting and customer insights for B2B teams.

Listen to the Podcast