Fireside Chat: The Next Generation of CData Connect Cloud

Fireside Chat: The Next Generation of CData Connect Cloud


Join us as we chat with CData CPO Manish Patel and SVP, Cloud Mike Albritton about the next generation of cloud data connectivity from CData Software: CData Connect Cloud.

CData Connect Cloud is a cloud-native, no-code data connectivity solution that provides real-time access to all your cloud data to support BI and analytics, customer success, accounting, operations, and other business initiatives. This next-generation SaaS offering unleashes the power of your cloud data regardless of location, structure, or system, empowering lines of business to derive insights and value from their data.

Join the Real-Time Revolution

With our newest product release, CData is proud to announce our Data Connectivity as a Service (DCaaS) offering. With Connect Cloud, business users can easily create connections to popular cloud-based applications - no installation, configuration, or extensive IT involvement required.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Hear from CData product leaders about our vision for cloud connectivity
  • Learn more about the benefits and features of CData Connect Cloud
  • See a live demo of the next generation of CData Connect Cloud

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