API Enablement & Microservices for Database Access

API Enablement & Microservices for Database Access

A focus in IT modernization is the support of agile strategies that offer more pragmatic and flexible delivery of resources across an enterprise. Organizations are adopting APIs & Microservices for database access, to allow for greater performance, dependability, and scalability. Learn:

  • How enterprises achieve connectivity by establishing commonality between new and legacy systems
  • How microservices support scalability and technology adoption
  • How abstraction and access controls empower users and protect IT resources

Connectivity, Agility & Security Across IT

Organizations are adopting new strategies to support exploratory and experimental data connectivity. But supporting these capabilities presents new challenges for IT leaders. They must manage both predictive and exploratory, or experimental, styles of work to proceed. They must also prepare a more connected internal IT infrastructure, one where they both expose and protect vast critical resources through APIs as well.

This technical brief focuses on the ways corporate IT leaders can modernize the connectivity of internal IT resources without the need for developer support.