Powerful and Predictable: How CData Sync Cloud Offers a Different Approach to Data Pipelines

How CData Sync Cloud Offers a Different Approach to Data Pipelines


Organizations are producing and consuming exponentially more data than ever before. Replicating various data sources to destinations has become table stakes for businesses to provide accurate and actionable reporting. Yet reliability concerns linger, and the standard volume-based pricing model means you can easily be punished for expansive data use with quickly rising and unpredictable costs.

Learn how CData Sync, newly released with a cloud-hosted SaaS option, can help you build better, more efficient data pipelines with unmatched data-connection quality and a connection-based pricing model that delivers predictable, scalable data replication.

Introducing CData Sync Cloud

Join CData Sr. Technology Evangelist Jerod Johnson and Sync customer Anthony Neu, Sr. Manager of Data Analytics at Manhattan Associates, to discover: 

  • Why Manhattan Associates – fed up with issues with reliability, flexibility, and ballooning contracts – switched to CData Sync.
  • What makes CData’s data connections so deep, flexible, and reliable.
  • How to easily build, monitor, and maintain data pipelines in CData Sync Cloud.

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