Incorta Scales Analytics with Embedded Connectors

Scale Up Your Analytics with Incorta and CData


Incorta delivers a single source of truth to analyze and derive deep insights from your data. But how do you know the full story when your data sits scattered and siloed across dozens of data sources?

That’s why Incorta and CData have partnered together to help you extend analytics to dozens, even hundreds, of popular enterprise applications.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how Incorta customers can leverage the powerful combination of Incorta and CData Drivers to rapidly scale analytics and pull insights from the entire data stack.

See how:

  • Customers quickly scale up advanced data operations in Incorta
  • It’s easy to pull insights from 250 data sources+
  • Incorta eliminates hand coding with CData’s universal, SQL-based connectivity

Watch the webinar on-demand.

Watch the Webinar