451 Research Market Insight Report

CData updates and rebrands its B2B connectivity tech with low-code self-service tooling. This 451 Research report provides an in-depth analysis of CData’s latest real-time data platform updates for connecting, integrating, and automating data at scale.

Starting with CData’s new B2B integration offering, CData Arc, the report covers advancements across the company’s spectrum of real-time drivers, Data Connectivity as a Service, and data replication products.

The Business Impact of the CData Approach

Based on 451 Research’s recent studies highlighting the benefits of being more data-driven in organizations, this report overlays the benefits of CData’s unique real-time, low-code technologies in the context of the broader market.

Highlights include:

  • The importance of real-time connectivity
  • Benefits of a low-code approach
  • Differentiators across real-time connectivity, integration, and B2B

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