How a Major Insurance Provider Met FHIR Mandates in 6 Weeks


Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey faced what many healthcare organizations face: An evolving landscape of rules & regulations governing their management of healthcare data. In this case, recent mandates such as those passed by the ONC and CMS required that Horizon BCBS supported the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standard when communicating and integrating their data. 

But how should organizations respond to new and updated rules with respect to digital healthcare records? How much do you need to know about FHIR, its mandates, and its consequences? And what steps should you take if you encounter your own need to adopt FHIR? 

Join us for a free webinar to learn more about FHIR, other current and upcoming data regulations, and how your organization can gracefully handle them. Using Horizon BCBS’s journey as a springboard, we will explore how modern B2B infrastructure like CData Arc can simplify & solve the specific challenges that healthcare companies face. 

CData product specialist Matt Springfield and Technology Evangelist Jerod Johnson will be joined by Lead Solutions Architect Greg Johnston to discuss specifics about Horizon BCBS’s FHIR-adoption project. In addition to information about FHIR, HIPAA, and other data regulations, the webinar will include a live demo of CData Arc to highlight a simple solution for addressing modern healthcare data challenges.  

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