Data Connectivity and Low-Code/No Code Development

Facing pressure to build custom applications faster than ever, enterprise IT leaders have turned to low-code & no-code platforms to empower business users to assemble custom applications. However, the goal of enabling 'citizen developers' is not fully being met. The need to connect back-end systems, databases, web services, and APIs, is commonly a limiting factor. Without a thoughtful connectivity strategy, organizations will continue to be limited by IT and developer-supported integrations. Download this free report to learn more.

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Accelerated Strategies Group (ASG) surveyed enterprises about low-code/no-code development tools to understand how well teams are leveraging them to enable self-service integrations. The findings are clear: organizations must bring external data connectivity and training on interoperability to use low-code/no-code. Download the ASG study to get the full picture on low-code/no-code development. In the report, ASG uncovers:

  • The State of Low-Code/No-Code
  • The Who, What and Where of Low-Code/No-Code
  • External Data Access Requirements for Low-Code/No-Code
  • Skills Needed to Transform Business Staff into Developers
  • The ASG View on Low-Code/No-Code

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