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TDWI Checklist Report | Six Steps for Simplifying Data Lakehouse Integration to Reduce Latency and Enable Real-Time Reporting

TDWI Checklist Report

This TDWI Checklist Report focuses on two important developments coming together to support today’s data demands: Unifying data management with a data lakehouse and modernizing data pipelines.

To drive better daily decisions across business functions and operations, organizations need to democratize data interaction. Legacy data integration and management built for a smaller set of users and fixed data requirements make it difficult for organizations to support expanding needs. TDWI research finds that most organizations want to adopt technologies that make it easier for more users to access, explore, and interact with data.

The Steps You Need to Follow

Data integration is often called plumbing, but for data-driven organizations, few things are more essential to achieving business objectives.

Learn the steps vital to making sustained progress in reducing latency and enabling real-time reporting and analytics based on all relevant data, not just a narrow selection.

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