451 Research Business Impact Brief: Integration Automation for Data-Driven Business Operations

This 451 Research survey of 679 business and IT decision-makers of all sizes across industries found that 68% of respondents make all or nearly all their decisions based on data. But as data sources become increasingly distributed, managing data ecosystems often seems like an uphill battle.

Businesses are inundated with the number of applications they use day-to-day which often don’t sufficiently integrate with one another. Successful data-driven companies overcome these obstacles by taking a new approach to integration strategy.

The Business Impact of Data Integration Technologies

Data integration vendors are developing no/low code connectivity solutions that enable “citizen integrators” to access and work with their data by “composing” data connectivity workflows rather than coding them.

The impact of these easy-to-use, democratized solutions touch the entirety of the business, including on:

  • IT organizations
  • Developers and users
  • The enterprise

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