Effective Strategies to Reduce SaaS Churn

With the widespread adoption of cloud infrastructure and no shortage of innovative software applications, customers find it easier than ever to sign up for new SaaS subscriptions. However, this also means customers can easily drop subscriptions for any applications that fall short of their expectations. Learn how to:

  • Prioritize Integrations to Boost In-App Activity
  • Improve Productivity by Strategically Connecting with Complementary Applications
  • Increase the Depth and Breadth of the SaaS Product through Integrations

Isolation Causes Churn, Integration Boosts Stickiness

In a modern-day IT environment, it is rare for users to rely on one software application in isolation to accomplish their objectives. To demonstrate value to a customer, SaaS apps must integrate seamlessly and effectively with the other components in that customer’s technology stack. By designing software to support as many product integrations as possible, the application becomes an indispensable part of the IT ecosystem. By creating solutions that become essential to customer's digital infrastructure, churn can be dramatically reduced.

This technical brief focuses on four SaaS integration strategies to boost customer adoption/retention and reduce SaaS churn.

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