Enabling Real-Time Connectivity to Google AlloyDB


CData offers an extensive suite of data connectivity and integration solutions for a variety of Google products. With Google's recent introduction of AlloyDB, customers can leverage the benefits of a fully managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service with any and all of the business applications that power their business. Together, CData and Google allow you to take advantage of AlloyDB's superior performance, scale, and availability without taxing IT resources to migrate data and gain access to AlloyDB from the BI, analytics, ETL, and custom applications you already use.

Streamline the Process of Moving to, Building, and Working with Google Cloud Databases!

Join us for a free webinar to get a first look at AlloyDB, Google's fully-managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service, and learn how CData Software provides effortless integration and real-time connectivity to AlloyDB for every stakeholder in an organization.

CData Technology Evangelist Jerod Johnson and Google AlloyDB Staff Solutions Architect Jobin George will introduce CData Software and AlloyDB and discuss how their technologies come together to solve business problems. Hear about the benefits of real-time insights, gain inspiration from novel use-cases, and see a live demo accessing AlloyDB for PostgreSQL for real-time analytics in cloud applications through CData Connect Cloud.

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