Salesforce and SQL: CData DBAmp in 15 Minutes


A universal query language like SQL makes it easy to work with Salesforce data from any application or tool. But what if you could take your integration a step further by automatically synchronizing Salesforce and SQL Server? CData DBAmp makes it possible.

We’re hosting TWO live interactive sessions to walk you through how to leverage your SQL knowledge to enrich Salesforce data with external applications, migrate data between instances, backup Salesforce data, and more using CData DBAmp!

Amp Up Your Salesforce Processes

Join us for a session on Thursday, December 8, or the following week, December 15, to learn how DBAmp enables you to:

  • Use SQL to select and modify objects in Salesforce without programming
  • Run reports that join local SQL Server tables with Salesforce
  • Execute stored procedures for bidirectional integration
  • Replicate Salesforce data into SQL Server
  • Bulk insert and update data from SQL Server tables into Salesforce

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