Data Connectivity: The Missing Link for IT
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Data Connectivity: The Missing Link for IT

A CData report surveying 550 IT and Ops professionals reveals the reality of data access challenges today, and how roadblocks to information are prohibiting organizations from making the best use of their data.

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Data Connectivity: The Missing Link for IT

What we found


57% of IT spend more than half of their workweek servicing data requests.


63% of Ops professionals are forced to wait weeks to months for their data.


61% of IT cite security concerns as the biggest roadblock to information sharing.

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About the report

CData surveyed 550 Operations and IT decision-makers at organizations with over 200 employees about their data access pain points and how they work with their data to gain insights into their business. The report dives into what these challenges might mean for modern business, and how data connectivity solutions can provide secure access to organizational data to shed light on vital information for improved decision-making.

Do your IT and Ops teams experience the same data access headaches?

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