Connect to Capitalize: Multiply Your Martech ROI with Data Integration


CData offers connectivity to live data for every popular marketing technology (Martech) platform, from CRM and marketing automation, to social media and advertising tools. With powerful connectivity solutions, marketers can easily access their data in real-time, gain holistic insights into the customer journey, and create in-depth reports on campaign performance.

Connect to Marketing Platforms for Real-Time Analytics, Reporting, and More

Martech is a worthwhile investment for any business, but as these tools pile up they begin functioning in silos, creating an untethered beast that works against your end goals. Whether for reporting on email campaigns, customer behaviors, lifetime value, or other critical metrics, the data stored in Martech platforms needs to be easily accessible across the organization.

In this webinar, learn how you can:

  • Analyze real-time marketing data in Tableau, Power BI, and more
  • Leverage ETL/ELT data pipelines to simplify marketing data integration
  • Connect marketing data directly to e-commerce, supply chain, ERP & logistics


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