Data Connectivity - The Crux of Digital Transformation

Data Connectivity - The Crux of Digital Transformation


Digital transformation depends on data, but much of your data is locked behind APIs. Data connectivity and smart API integrations help realize the promise of digital transformation without prohibitive investment. CData's tools help ensure that you can connect, integrate, and automate the disparate elements of your data ecosystem, no matter what platforms and environments you prefer.

Supporting Digital Transformation Initiatives

In this webinar, Jerod Johnson and Matt Springfield discuss data fragmentation, a pervasive issue when it comes to digital transformation, and how to solve the data fragmentation problem. They also provide live demos of CData Sync and CData Arc.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Why digital transformation depends on data
  • The latest trends in data connectivity and smart API integration
  • How to use CData Arc and CData Sync in your digital transformation journey

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