Automate E-Commerce Integration Workflows in Minutes


Do you still manually review e-commerce orders just to collect financial order records, generate shipping notices or process inventory? Manual order and records management becomes impossible as you scale your e-commerce business with Amazon, Shopify and your B2B partners.

Learn how you can finally automate e-commerce processes across systems — without custom coding multiple integration workflows.

E-Commerce Integration Workflows in Minutes

In this webinar, CData Arc integration specialists Raunak Bhojwani and Matt Springfield introduce CData Arc connectors for Shopify, Amazon, ShipStation, and QuickBooks, demonstrating how to:

  • Connect Amazon and Shopify e-commerce to your accounting, shipping, and ERP systems
  • Trigger ShipStation shipments after an order is placed on Amazon, Shopify, and elsewhere
  • Automatically capture every online order detail in your accounting and record-keeping systems
  • Easily build complex, multi-step B2B integration workflows across systems

The demonstration is followed by a Q&A session. Fill out the form to watch the on-demand webinar.

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