Combit Embeds Powerful CData Connectivity into Their Flagship Reporting Tool

Users can now analyze their data from hundreds of different sources within the advanced reporting and BI tool.

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Out-of-the-box Connectivity

CData allows combit customers to surface their data from many sources without APIs or code.


combit can rely on CData's robust library of drivers to fulfill their customers' ever-expanding connectivity needs.

Plug & Play

Embedding CData Drivers into List & Label was quick and painless for the combit team.

Users are now able to easily connect to CData ADO.NET data sources directly from List & Label, providing easy integration with data from QuickBooks,, SAP, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, etc.

List & Label by combit is an advanced tool for adding robust reporting functionality to .NET and web applications. Thousands of development teams and millions of end users rely on the award-winning report generator. List & Label offers rapid performance, a royalty-free report designer, and scalable deployment for projects both large and small. List & Label enhances applications with only a few lines of code, enabling generation of a host of report types.

List & Label comes with out-of-the-box support for nearly 20 popular data sources. However, there are many business data sources such as Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics CRM, etc. that are not currently covered by the List & Label product. By offering more data sources, combit would not only add value for existing customers, but also attract new customers who are looking for a reporting tool capable of integrating with business data sources. This is where the CData ADO.NET Providers come in.

The CData ADO.NET Providers mask the complexity of accessing data, allowing seamless integration with a wide array of data sources. This allows Business Intelligence (BI) tool vendors to leverage their technology investments into even more data applications.

"We work hard to offer our customers a reporting tool they will love to use and CData has a wide range of business data that could not be covered by our product before. So we just didn't want to miss the opportunity to make this huge benefit available for our customers," explained Jochen Bartlau List & Label's Head of Development at combit.

One of the main advantages of the CData ADO.NET Data Providers is that combit does not need to know the specific data source they are binding to – the process is uniform for all supported data sources. combit provides a prototypical example of how easy it is to integrate CData within a reporting tool.

"We were positively surprised – integrating with the providers turned out to be a breeze. Thanks to the clean class model and the deep integration into .NET it was like a plug and play experience."

– Jochen Bartlau, List & Label's Head of Development, combit Software

Since combit already offers a range of data sources to their customers, it makes sense for them to expand that functionality to the data sources CData offers. List & Label users will no longer need to find workarounds to use their data via ODBC, JSON or SQL because combit's integration with the CData ADO.NET Data Providershas already done the legwork for them.

"Adding providers from CData to our reporting tool is a huge step towards our goal to provide our customers and prospects with all the flexibility they require," Bartlau said. "By combining the well-established CData Providers with the sophisticated List & Label reporting tool, combit is able to continue providing an innovative solution to their customer base while attracting new customers in the process."

"The out-of-the-box experience spares a lot of fiddling and trial-and-error," Bartlau said. "Our customers will love this!"

About combit – Since its founding in 1989, combit and its List & Label reporting tool for developers as well as combit Relationship Manager and address manager business applications, have firmly established their position in the reporting and CRM markets. Well over a hundred awards from IT industry journals and their readers, plus a host of highly satisfied customers testify to the success of combit products. To learn more about combit, visit or call 1-800-256-3608

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