iCEDQ Provides Customers with A Rich, Platform-Agnostic Solution for Data Warehouse Testing

The ETL DataOps testing experts partnered with CData to enable faster testing across 250+ data sources.

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Out-of-the-box Connectivity

Embedding CData Drivers required no custom development, saving iCEDQ time and resources when implementing their solution.

Platform Extensibility

iCEDQ customers can now test their live data across hundreds of cloud and SaaS applications.

Standardized SQL Support

CData Drivers support a rich ANSI-92 SQL syntax, deeply nested queries, and extensive SQL formulas.

iCEDQ has a powerful vision to transform the process of data-centric testing through their ETL DataOps testing and monitoring platform. Designed to easily identify data inconsistencies between source and target data source, iCEDQ helps companies automate & scale testing to accelerate development of data-centric systems, resulting in vastly reduced project risk and increased data quality. Today, companies across the world leverage iCEDQ's automated data testing platform for ETL, Data Warehouse, Data migration, and BI Testing.

The Challenge: Providing Customers with Broad-Spectrum ETL Quality Testing

Enterprises use iCEDQ to quickly test and ensure that data in reports matches data in their data warehouses, in a non-production phase, allowing system updates while ensuring data validation and accuracy.

The more data sources iCEDQ connects to, the more data their customers can verify and test. And as customers requested to test data against more and more data sources, iCEDQ found they needed to enhance their platform with broad-spectrum testing.

The challenge became especially evident when iCEDQ customers wanted to test data from non-standard endpoints, such as XML, JSON or a REST API. Those cases would typically require custom development or a workaround in which customers worked on replicated data and not live data, slowing down the entire testing process for their customers.

“We would always face this challenge. We definitely had to look for a platform-agnostic solution that would introduce our customers, and us, to a richer experience," said Shrikant Patil, Customer Success Manager for iCEDQ.

iCEDQ searched for a solution enabling standardized access to "non-relational" endpoints like XML, JSON or a REST API. They looked to provide their customers the ability to test live data, instead of replicated data from applications, and connect directly to a broad range of popular cloud & SaaS application data through the iCEDQ API.

iCEDQ needed a solution that would save time, allow them to onboard more customers without requiring custom development, and speed the testing process.

The Solution: A Platform-Agnostic Solution

Through an OEM partnership with CData, iCEDQ embedded our full suite of drivers for 250+ data sources directly into their ETL testing solution.

“Essentially, building drivers is not our expertise, and that's not our focus too, so it made good sense to partner with an organization like CData, which focused on driver development," Patil said.

CData Drivers are designed to simplify processes and instantly provide rich connectivity, as they embed natively into the iCEDQ platform.

The CData Drivers offer key technical advantages:

  • ANSI-92 SQL Support: CData Drivers support a rich ANSI-92 SQL syntax across all drivers, deeply nested queries, and an extensive set of SQL filters and formulas
  • Full CRUD SQL-92 Support: Rich ANSI-92 SQL syntax supporting deeply nested queries and an extensive set of SQL filters and formulas.

Results: Automated Testing processes and Reliable, Accurate Data

Now, iCEDQ has the broadest data connectivity available in the market while enabling its customers to quickly conduct ETL testing of 250+ additional data sources, including many popular data warehouses.

“With CData, we don't have to worry about anything when it comes to connecting to data sources, different authentication mechanisms or platforms," Patil said.

Through its partnership with CData and the embedded CData Drivers, iCEDQ now delivers faster ETL testing to more data sources than ever, empowering customers with its rigorous data quality testing platform.

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