by Jerod Johnson | September 23, 2021

Drivers in Focus Part 2: Streamline HR & Finance through Collaboration

In the first part of our Drivers in Focus series on collaboration software, we highlighted the value in connecting to your collaboration data for reporting and analytics on marketing and customer success efforts.

In our second post, we explore how companies use platforms like Jira and SharePoint with CData technologies to empower human resources and finance teams with data.

Empower Your HR Team

Collaboration platforms enable HR teams to streamline critical processes, from the most menial of administrative tasks to complicated and engaging onboarding procedures. Companies can digitize and translate HR tasks to tickets or workflows, making each step clear and easy to manage.

HR onboarding processes need to quickly equip new employees with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to become effective members of the organization. Collaborating on a clearly documented process in Jira or building out internal websites and educational materials in SharePoint makes it easier for HR teams to welcome new hires to the company.

It is crucial to make all HR resources available within these collaboration tools to create an effective digital onboarding process. For example, new hires must have access to the documents, forms, videos, and other educational material they need to feel confident in their knowledge of your company and ready to provide value to your team. Likewise, HR teams need the ability to track recruiting and onboarding metrics like time-to-hire, time-to-fill, and internal engagement to track their success. Again, this is where CData can help.

For example - A popular global provider of custom-engineered machine parts uses an internal SharePoint page as their primary onboarding touchpoint, complete with instructional videos, employment forms, and engineering manuals. As their reporting and tracking are in SQL Server, they faced the challenge of integrating SharePoint data with SQL Server to report on the effectiveness of their onboarding processes. The organization leveraged the real-time SharePoint connectivity from CData to link their SharePoint data directly to their SQL Server database. With linked data access, they were freed from the burden of integrating their HR data to a new analytics system and can now easily track their onboarding data from SharePoint within SQL Server.

Streamlined Financial Reporting & Monitoring

In our last post, we spoke about the importance of collaboration software for tracking customer success teams. Collaboration software is also an excellent tool for finance teams with sophisticated reporting, approval, and timeline features. Whether your company uses Jira to assign and track expense reports or uses SharePoint to manage bills and invoices as editable documents, collaboration software can mean the difference between an undecipherable and a crystal-clear bottom line.

When a recent supply-chain management customer adopted Jira across their organization, they wanted to maintain the data workflows, previously built in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), to collect all of their disparate data into a single data warehouse for reporting and analytics. However, with their financial data like billing and invoicing records now tracked in Jira, they were faced with adopting a new ETL (extract, transform, load) solution or building a custom Jira integration from the ground up - until they found the CData SSIS Tasks for Jira.

With CData, the customer dropped a connector into their existing financial data flows, saving their IT team time and energy to focus on critical tasks. Then, after some basic configuration, the organization uses the same data flows as before, with no need to rip and replace their financial data datasets.

The CData Difference

Whether for marketing, customer success, human resources, or finance - CData allows organizations to maximize their investments in collaboration software by enabling them to connect, integrate, and automate their data easily.

Customers can use our standardized connectors to access live collaboration data from your preferred analytics platforms, leverage out-of-the-box connectivity software to simplify migration processes, or use CData Sync to replicate all of your data for consolidated reporting.

Check out our Jira and SharePoint connectivity solutions and download a free trial to get easier access to your collaboration data today.

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