CData JDBC-ODBC Bridge

Seamlessly connect Java/J2EE Applications with native ODBC Drivers

The JDBC-ODBC Bridge provides JDBC access from any Java App to ODBC data sources on Windows, Linux and Mac

Whether your organization uses Java-based tools for reporting and analytics, or builds custom Java solutions, the CData JDBC-ODBC Bridge provides an easy way to connect with any ODBC data source.

  • 100% Pure Java JDBC Driver
  • Compatible with Java-based BI & analytics tools, like Pentaho, Informatica, Jaspersoft, etc.
  • Supports for Java development environments like Eclipse, JBuilder, WebLogic, ColdFusion, etc.
  • Cross-platform (Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mac)
  • Supports ANSI and Unicode ODBC Drivers
  • Drop-in replacement for the deprecated Oracle JDBC-ODBC Bridge

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