by Jerod Johnson | November 16, 2016

Connect to More Data in Dundas BI

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Earlier this week, Dundas published a blog article featuring our ODBC Driver for JSON. By connecting to data in Dundas BI using our ODBC Drivers, users are able to utilize a "single and unified experience across all data sources and all devices, providing full functionality and faster performance for data exploration, analysis, and visualization." With the full suite of ODBC Drivers by CData, you can merge that experience with the ability to connect to more data sources than ever.

Analyze and Visualize Data from 80+ New Sources

By working with CData Software ODBC Drivers, Dundas BI users can work with data from more than 60 new sources, supplementing the impressive list of data sources that are already supported natively in Dundas BI. And with the JSON Driver referenced in the article, users are able to pull data into Dundas BI from any JSON-based Web service, meaning the number of available new sources extends far beyond what we have listed!

For more information, check out the Dundas BI Web site and our ODBC Driver page.