by Eric Madariaga | November 03, 2016

Partner Profile: Ajilius

Late last week, Ajilius announced its OEM partnership with CData Software. By leveraging the full suite of our JDBC drivers, Ajilius is able to expand its impact on the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing space, offering connectivity to more data sources than the vast majority of DWA vendors. These data sources vary, from popular accounting and CRM platforms like QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Hubspot, to NoSQL and Big Data sources like MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, and Google BigQuery.

Ajilius Now Connects to More Than 70 Data Sources

By choosing CData Software, Ajilius gains standards-based JDBC connectivity to all of these data sources, providing pain-free integration with their data warehousing. According to Ajilius, "access to the world's most popular business data processing systems and information sources is just a few mouse clicks away from your data warehouse".

Ajilius users can expect to see connectivity rolling out in the next couple of months, but they are encouraging users to reach out if they have an immediate need for a data source or sources.