by Jerod Johnson | March 15, 2019

Expand Data Connectivity in SAS Solutions with CData ODBC Drivers

SAS is the world's largest provider of data analytics solutions and offers a unifying data management and analytics platform that turns data into intelligence. CData Software Drivers offer unmatched connectivity to live data, whether it comes from software-as-a-service, big data, or NoSQL sources. By pairing SAS solutions with CData Drivers, you get extended, real-time data connectivity opportunities.

SAS + CData

Connecting to live data from more than 100 SaaS, big data, and NoSQL sources in SAS using CData drivers is a simple, two-step process.

1. Configure the Connection to the Data Source

CData ODBC Drivers are compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Connections to data are easily configured using native wizards or by editing configuration files.

2. Create a Library in SAS

After configuring the connection, simply create a Library based on the ODBC connection, just like you would for any database.

(Optional) Create a View Based on the Library

SAS supports working with libraries directly, but you can optionally create views based on libraries to pre-configure a data query to include complexities like filtering, JOINs, and aggregations.

Once you connect and create a library, you can build reports and visualizations as well as perform analytics just like you would with any other data source natively supported by SAS.

Example Walk-Through: Google BigQuery in SAS

For a detailed walk-through of using CData ODBC Drivers to connect to and visualize Google BigQuery data in SAS, read our Knowledge Base article.

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Note: The above article refers to Google BigQuery, but the principles for connecting apply to any of the supported data sources.

CData ODBC Drivers allow you to easily connect to a wide variety of data sources from SAS solutions, significantly expanding the data connectivity capabilities of SAS.

Next Steps

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