by Eric Madariaga | August 23, 2017

SMART InSight Embeds CData Drivers

By embedding CData Driver technology, SMART InSight's Mμgen Integration platform offers outstanding performance for Big Data blending and analysis with on-premises RDBMS, SaaS, and NoSQL databases.

Mμgen is an information integration and analysis platform for the IoT / Big Data era. With the expansion of IoT (Internet-of-Things), datasets have grown exponentially. The latest evolution of SMART InSight's platform, Mμgen 2, solves these challenges. Mμgen 2 has evolved from a virtual data integration platform into a new ‘SMART Data Blending' platform. By embedding CData JDBC Drivers, Mμgen can blend all of the siloed, decentralized data within a business, from flat files like Excel and CSV to cloud data, such as Salesforce and SharePoint, to NoSQL DBs.

"Because CData drivers model all data from APIs in abstract tables, even for unstructured data, we could use the same repository as RDB and CSV to process SaaS and NoSQL data. We realized outstanding high performance: Over 100 million records processed in a fraction of a second." -- Kiyoshi Machida, CEO,

Mr. Machida's observations highlight some major benefits of using Drivers instead of writing code against individual APIs. Not only do our drivers enable rapid integration between systems, but they also reduce overall complexity, leading to systems that are easier to use and far less costly to maintain.

Download the full case study.