by Eric Madariaga | February 15, 2017

PowerShell DataCmdlets Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of PowerShell DataCmdlets. DataCmdlets are a set of standard PowerShell modules offering straightforward integration with more than 80+ popular data sources, including NoSQL & Big Data databases, CRM, ERP, Accounting Systems, Marketing Automation, Cloud Platforms, and more.

The Cmdlets offer a simple Transact-SQL interface for connecting with data, virtually identical to how a user would interact with a relational database like SQL server from PowerShell. With DataCmdlets you can:

  • Import/Export Data - Pipe data from data sources into and out-of flat-files, databases, and other data stores for archival, back-up, and synchronization.
  • Data Cleansing - Use PowerShell scripts to normalize and/or de-duplicate data.
  • Automated Integration - Connect scripts with scheduling applications like the windows scheduler to automate common integration tasks.

The CData PowerShell Cmdlets can be purchased online as part of our all-inclusive PowerShell Cmdlet Subscriptions.

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