by Mike Albritton | October 05, 2023

CData Connect Cloud Update: Custom API Connectivity for Analytics and Reporting

With the latest Q3 2023 CData Connect Cloud update, we are excited to introduce an all-new universal API Connector. This new connector extends the Connect Cloud platform with the ability to easily consume data from all types of APIs and services, making that data instantly available for analytics, reporting, and data management. The feature allows customers to easily connect and blend data across internal and external systems and applications without involving IT or development teams in building one-off integrations.

The new API Connector gives you the ability to connect to data from custom APIs just like you would with our pre-built data source connections. Simply configure the connector through a code-free point-and-click process and leverage the full power of our cloud data virtualization platform to query live API data. Connect Cloud translates queries from supported client applications into an optimized instruction set that converts API output to simple relational data sets for analytics and reporting.

Watch this short demo to learn how the CData Connect Cloud API Connector works:

One connector, unlimited integration possibilities

API connectivity adds tremendous flexibility to CData Connect Cloud. Rather than being constrained to pre-defined connections, the new API Connector opens the world of analytics and reporting to data from internal and external APIs.

Common uses include:

  • Enable reporting on live data from SaaS applications not supported out-of-the-box. For example, enriching CRM data with SaaS intelligence data from services like Clearbit, Slintel, or ZoomInfo in real-time.
  • Blend data across public APIs, including geographical, statistics, demographics, or news. gov, for example, provides hundreds of public APIs to connect with government data.
  • Integrate internal APIs or microservices with data warehousing or data consolidation processes via integration with standard ETL/ELT pipelines.

At the same time, IT teams can leverage API integration to take full advantage of the cloud data virtualization capabilities of Connect Cloud. By surfacing API data through Connect Cloud, IT organizations can create shareable and securely governed data feeds that can be tracked and securely governed.

The CData difference

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