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Impala SSIS Components Included in our comprehensive Professional SSIS Subscriptions

Impala SSIS Workflow
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Get the Impala SSIS Components together with 200+ SSIS Data Flow Components & Tasks! Our Professional SSIS Subscriptions combine an unprecedented collection of Enterprise-class SSIS data flow components, with the leading SSIS Tasks for Communications, Security, and File Transfer, into one easy-to-manage MSDN-style subscription.

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Impala SSIS Components

SSIS Data Flow Source & Destination for Impala

Powerful SSIS Source & Destination Components that allows you to easily connect SQL Server with Impala through SSIS Workflows.

Use the Impala Data Flow Components to synchronize with Impala data, and more. Perfect for data synchronization, local back-ups, workflow automation, and more!

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Impala SSIS Data Flow
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    Impala Source

Use Impala SSIS Components to:

  • Synchronize SQL Server and Apache Impala for seamless back-office integration.
  • Automate integration processes like mass imports / updates, data cleansing, and de-duplication.
  • Offload queries from operational systems to reduce load and increase performance.
  • Connect Apache Impala to analytics for BI and decision support.
  • Archive business data for disaster recovery.

Straightforward SQL Server Integration

Use CData Data Flow Tasks to connect SQL Server with Apache Impala without expensive custom integration or application development.

  • Use SQL Server Integration Services and Impala SSIS Components to easily connect and synchronize SQL Server with Apache Impala data.
  • Full Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) support.
  • Straightforward integration, no custom development required!