YouTube Analytics JDBC Driver Pricing Options

The YouTube Analytics JDBC Driver may be licensed through one of our multi-source JDBC Driver subscriptions. Questions? We're happy to help! Call our office, or email us as at [email protected].

  •   Server Licensing
  •   Developer Licensing
  •   Enterprise / Team
Server License
YouTube Analytics JDBC Driver
Single Server License


For use with commercial Web Apps, BI, Analytics, ETL, and server tools, like Tableau Server, Informatica, or Oracle Data Integrator.

About Server Licensing
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JDBC Universal Developer Subscription
225+ Data Sources (including YouTube Analytics)
One-year Subscription


Per-developer licensing
Unlimited distribution for internal desktop & mobile apps.
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 Free updates, upgrades, new releases
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Other Configurations
Larger Teams & Servers



 Upgrade discounts for new versions
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OEM, Runtime, Site Licensing, etc.

Are you building a distributed commercial application, or interested in using YouTube Analytics Driver within third-party applications? Contact a product specialist to learn more about our various Runtime, OEM, and Site License options.