by Jerod Johnson | May 18, 2017

API Server Overview: REST APIs for Your Data

The API Server allows you to build a single, uniform REST API for your company's data, which is often stored in dozens of on-premises and Web-based sources, ranging from traditional databases and applications (like QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel) to SaaS and other cloud-based data sources. We have a Knowledge Base article providing a detailed overview of the API Server and its functionality.

With the API Server, your developers and data scientists are freed from the burden of building and maintaining integrations with all of your company's disparate data sources, allowing them to concentrate on their business roles. Read up on the API Server in our Knowledge Base article, download a free trial, and start building REST APIs for all of your data today. As always, our world-class support team is available to answer any questions you might have about the API Server, its functionality, and its features.