by Jerod Johnson | May 23, 2017

Connect Node-RED to API Server and Let Your Data Flow

Node-RED is a flow-based programming tool, built around JavaScript. With it, you can build applications using "nodes" in a drag-and-drop interface to control the flow of data to and from a variety of sources, from IoT devices to APIs and online services. When paired with the API Server, which builds OData APIs (and other REST protocols) for 80+ on-premises RDBMs, NoSQL, Big Data, and cloud-based service sources, you can easily build flows that work with data from sources like SQL Server,, Google BigQuery, and more.

Sample Flow & Free Trial

We recently put together a Knowledge Base article, including a sample flow, that walks you through setting up the API Server and creating a flow in Node-RED that will add or update a QuickBooks Online customer whenever a new Salesforce account is found.

Download a free, 30 day trial of the API Server and start working with data from 80+ sources in your Node-RED flows today! As always, our world-class support team is available to answer any questions you might have.