by Jerod Johnson | July 15, 2021

Future-Proof Your Salesforce Integrations with CData

The use of APIs is growing exponentially. According to Programmable Web, a directory of public APIs, the volume of public APIs has grown from fewer than 500 to more than 24,000 from 2008 to 2021. That is staggering growth, and the pace of API innovations show no signs of slowing down.

What's more, the APIs are continuously evolving. The need for enhanced performance, security, governance, and compliance means many popular APIs undergo major updates every 9 to 12 months.

Just keeping API integrations working is a tremendous challenge for enterprise IT. You can devote massive developer resources to build integrations and update them continuously - without addressing mission-critical maintenance backlogs.

At CData, we are dedicated to giving our customers an unparalleled, reliable experience when working with APIs and other data sources from any tool, application, or platform. Our standards-based connector technologies shield you from the evolving complexities of API integration.

Focussed on connectivity, our engineers work closely with popular API providers to continuously update our integrations ensuring that our customer's solutions seamlessly keep pace with change and take advantage of the latest API developments.

Example: Salesforce & Large Datasets

Like many other leading SaaS providers, Salesforce makes periodic updates to their APIs. We have ensured all CData Salesforce Connectors incorporate those changes, not only to ensure your integrations work seamlessly and protect you from change, but also to deliver improved performance.

By leveraging CData connectivity, you get the benefit of these improvements without having to ever retool. As new, faster, integration opportunities arise, our drivers can take advantage of these interfaces under the covers - but to you, and your integration, nothing changes.

Our new V21 Salesforce connectivity incorporates changes made to the underlying APIs that improve customers' experience when working with large data sets. All the changes are implemented under the hood. Just install the latest version of CData Connectors and automatically see faster read times while working with real-time Salesforce data.

Up to 60% Faster - No Code Required

To test our updated implementation, we configured the CData ADO.NET for Salesforce to connect to a Salesforce account with more than 1 million accounts records.

Comparing the 2020 and 2021 versions of our drivers, we ran a query requesting a single field and a query requesting all available fields to measure the improvements in the latest version.

ADO.NET Query Times by Version

Query 2020 2021 Rows
SELECT Id FROM Account 20-30s 8-10s (+64%) ~1.14m
SELECT * FROM Account 970-975s 630-639s (+35%) ~1.14m

Unmatched Read Performance

We also tested the latest release of the CData JDBC Driver against other leading JDBC Drivers for Salesforce available on the market. We ran the same queries as above (one requesting a single field and requesting all available fields) against the same Salesforce instance. With the improvements made, the CData JDBC Driver for Salesforce was able to read over 1 million rows of data 24% to 56% faster than other vendors.

JDBC Query Times by Vendor

Query Vendor 1 Vendor 2 CData
SELECT Id FROM Account 17.4s 19s 8.3s (+52% - +56%)
SELECT * FROM Account 607.9s 970s 461.6s (+24% - +52%)

Improvements for All Salesforce Connectors

The improvements demonstrated above are found in all of our 2021 Salesforce connectivity solutions. By connecting your live Salesforce data to the apps you use every day, you can empower your team to build reports and dashboards in Power BI or Tableau, populate live data in Excel, or leverage Salesforce within any other BI, reporting, and ETL tool. If you're already using CData solutions, you get these improvements simply by installing the latest version – there's nothing to reconfigure or rewrite.

The new API implementations are also included in CData Sync and CData Connect. This means our customers can enjoy faster Salesforce data replication in CData Sync, and faster cloud-to-cloud connectivity with CData Connect.

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