by CData Software | August 24, 2021

Modern Data Pipelines with CData Sync

The evolution of the citizen integrator and data engineer are a driving force on the way data pipelines are being delivered across today's modern data ecosystem. Traditional Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) technologies are expensive to buy, configure, and maintain. These solutions are designed for complex and mature IT departments that have developed a deep understanding of the system environments and boast strong programming skills.

With the evolution of data democratization efforts and the explosion of data growth in modern businesses, IT is often over-burdened and unable to spend the time and resources engineering overly complex ETL processes. As a result, we've seen a growing need to decouple data processes from IT and create data pipeline solutions that are designed for data engineers, citizen integrators, and the general business community.

The modern approach to business data movement aims to remove the complexity of data connectivity, data movement, and data transformations in an easy to use, low code environment that is budget friendly.

Empower the business

The business community needs to leverage data for vital decision-making, and they must get to the data as soon as it's available. With dynamic market conditions, moving quickly is key and it is no longer a best practice to wait for lengthy data processes.

Thus, business must be able to get the data easily, quickly, and proactively when they need it. CData Sync does just this.

We empower organizations to pipeline data from any source to any database or data warehouse using a simple point-and-click interface. Incremental data replication ensures the data is current and in perfect alignment between various database systems, and automated iterative data extraction ensures the data is always ready and available for business consumption.

CData Sync has minimal impact on operational systems, keeping IT happy and free from the design, maintenance, and project management processes involved when business units request data. Stakeholders are free to connect, access, and align data across systems without having to wait for IT to design and build it for them. It's a win-win for across the organization.

Straightforward and Accessible Licensing

Some solutions focus on specific types of data - like Marketing - and limit the number of tools with which they connect. This model may be appealing to Marketing departments, but doesn't fit the needs of a data engineer or citizen integrator who must solve more complex data movement and integration requirements.

CData offers a clear path of pricing. CData Sync offers a simple, predictable pricing model. Our pricing is based on a simple three tier model. There are no limitations on data types, business function, number of users, or data classification. All you have to do is choose the tier that best suits your needs and you're ready to go.

CData Sync can be deployed in the cloud, too. Leveraging the power of CData Sync with Amazon AWS, Azure, or Oracle OCI, you can quickly spin up CData Sync to start connecting applications and data. These cost-effective, cloud-native offerings are based on a simple hourly subscription model. This approach allows organizations to shift to the cloud without additional investments in technology or infrastructure. No complex formulas, and no degradation of service level or response times.

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