by Haley Burton | August 15, 2022

Building the Connected Enterprise for Modern Sales

The sales landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade amid digital transformation efforts, and that change has only accelerated with COVID forcing every organization to be digital-first. Now, customers expect a completely different buying process than in years past.

Instead of getting a cold call from a sales rep, B2B and B2C customers want to do their own research online. They expect to garner information upfront by consuming marketing collateral, watching demos and webinars, reading customer references, and trialing the product themselves before ever talking with a human. This means that their decision is almost always partially made before sales makes contact with the prospect.

Digital buying experiences have therefore changed the role of sales. So much of sales today is all about creating an intentional and smooth digital experience, which requires a fuller understanding of the purchasing process, sales and marketing alignment, accurate sales forecasting, and a streamlined data ecosystem that can provide your sales team with a 360-degree view of the customer.

Resonate with Modern Customers Using the Data Already at Your Fingertips

Fortunately, gaining a 360-degree view of your prospects and customers is more achievable than ever in the world of digital sales. The data is out there – it’s just a matter of getting to the right information and knowing how to use it to your advantage.

Mike Smith, Sr. Director of Enterprise Sales at CData, was recently featured on The SalesStar Podcast, where he broke down today’s trends in sales and how your sales team can leverage the data already being generated across your organization to good use to close deals more efficiently.

Mike explains how pulling data together from your CRM, marketing automation platform, accounting system, analytics tools, and more can form a true Customer 360 view and propel your business forward.

Listen to this short podcast episode to hear from Mike Smith on how connecting enterprise data can modernize your sales processes.

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