Connect Excel to Google Contacts

Read, Write, and Update Google Contacts Data from Excel

Connect with live Google Contacts data directly from Microsoft Excel. The free Excel Add-In for CData Connect Cloud gives you real-time access to Google Contacts data, right from the Excel tool bar.

Install the Add-In, configure your Google Contacts connection, and go!

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Discover What's Possible with Your Google Contacts Data in Excel

Say Farewell to Copy/Paste

Real-time, seamless access to data removes the burden of manual data entry in Excel.

Never Rely on Stale Data

Work with live data in Online, Windows, and Mac editions of Excel to create up-to-date reports.

Point and Click Configuration

Integrate data and manage connections with no code or special skills required.

Secure Access and Encryption

Securely govern your data with specific user permissions and built-in TLS / SSL data encryption.

Real-Time Access to Google Contacts Data from Excel

Get Started with Google Contacts in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Install the Excel Add-In - After installation look for the CData Connect Cloud button on the Excel Ribbon.
  2. Configure your Google Contacts Connection - Click on the connect cloud add-in from within Excel to setup an account and configure a connection to Google Contacts.
  3. Run your first query - Select any Google Contacts data that you want to access. All data is exposed as standard tables and data views. You can even write custom queries with SQL to filter and join data.
Connect to Google Contacts data in Excel

Automate Your Workflow

Spend less time copying, pasting, and importing data. Build custom reports and dashboards with automatic refreshes (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) for real-time insights.

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Bring Data to Life in Excel

Bring your Google Contacts data into Excel for up-to-date insights with Connect Cloud. Easily combine that information with data from other sources in Excel to form a complete picture of the customer journey.

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Google Contacts Reporting, Analysis, & Data Manipulation

Perfect for mass imports / exports / updates, data cleansing & de-duplication, Excel based data analysis, and more!

  • Modify and delete records and push updates back to Google Contacts
  • Quickly export and backup data.
  • Operate on data with Charts and Pivot Tables.
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Get the Excel Add-In for Google Contacts

Building custom dashboards & reports that connect with live Google Contacts data has never been easier. Get the CData Excel Add-In for Google Contacts now, and get connected.

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